Throughout the summer of 2021 our large logistics centre based in Newark on Trent got a bit of a makeover, improving accessibility, security, and including space for our new conservation area. We have installed new intercoms to allow for quicker and more efficient communication for all who visit our site. We improved our security measures, installing more cameras (including ANPR) and more secure fencing, and we designated an area of our site to become our very own conservation area as well as adding planters around the site which have been filled with pollinator friendly plants!

Our storage capacity has also increased, allowing our customers more opportunity to bring their items to us and securely store them before their journey to the delivery point, making transhipments more readily available, with the use of our forklifts and cranes to assist with the lifting of containers and large loads up to 50 tonnes.

Since our expansion we have also planted hundreds of plants, from the Laurels which hug our boarders, to the flowers and shrubbery inside the compound planters. These plants have been a great addition to our site, the Laurels will grow to form a living barrier which will support our security fencing and provide a haven for all sorts of wildlife including pollinators such as our own beehives (which produced over 150 kilos of honey last year!) to help improve our impact on our local environment. We now work closely with University of Derby and their De-Carbonise initiative to produce a model carbon neutral logistics centre and have rewilded 5 out of our 11 acres, planting more trees and ensuring that existing trees were kept and protected during our expansion.

Since the finalisation of the £300,000 depot scheme, we have changed the name of our road, now named ‘International Avenue’, a more fitting name for the entrance to our site!


While digging through our files we also found images from where we started, a single-track road leading into our carpark! As you can see from the picture on the right now that our expansion has been completed, our entrance has greatly improved with the addition of the roundabout, as it has allowed us to use more of the space available!

We plan to continue this upwards trajectory throughout 2022, expanding all areas of our business and continuing to improve.

Our new delivery and postal address is ;-

International Logistics Centre,
International Avenue,
Farndon Roundabout,
Newark ,
NG24 4SP